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100 Women Halton Hills was formed by 4 caring, community-minded women - Lori Gysel, Heather Coles, Jill Farrington and Sarah Burrows.  It was the Guelph chapter of the same organization that inspired them to put the idea into action.  


The first 100 Women Who Care group was formed in November 2006 by Karen Dunigan of Jackson, Michigan, USA.  At their first one-hour meeting, the Jackson 100 Women Who Care group raised $10,000 to buy 300 new baby cribs for an organization in their city!  Their membership has now grown to nearly 300 members and other cities across the United States began forming groups.

The idea came to Canada when Toronto lawyer Jennifer Wootton Reagan picked up a book titled "Be The Miracle" by Regina Brett while waiting at the airport and fell in love with the concept.  She formed the first Canadian Chapter of 100 Women Who Care in Toronto in 2012, and there are now 104 other chapters across the country and counting!

Women all over North America have embraced this simple but powerful concept as a way to engage with their community and provide much needed assistance to the charities that can make a real difference to the people who live there.  Many chapters have expanded to include 100 Menu Who Care and 100 Kids Who Care.

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